Proposed law Tshani: Jean Claude Muyambo opposes and announces a complaint against its author

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While the Speaker of the National Assembly, Christophe Mboso Nkodia, has announced that the Tshani bill may be among the matters to be dealt with during the March session, the debate has once again turned to the controversial bill tabled by national MP Singi Pululu.

Jean Claude Muyambo, a declared candidate for the next presidential elections in the DRC, explained that he will file a complaint against the author of this proposal, which he considers racist.

“We will file a complaint at the international level against these tribalists who want to prevent others from not applying. Not that they are creating racism, but they are tribalists. The white skin issue is a false debate. This proposal will not pass. In 1976, in Zaire, the country had signed an international convention for the elimination of race. Today, you have not been able to work and you allow yourselves to confuse everything and try to push people aside. We are going to file a complaint against all these people,” he told the press in Lubumbashi on Thursday.

Jean Claude Muyambo wonders about the opportunism of this proposal.

“Is it a problem of father and mother that blocks the country? We will never tolerate this in the DRC. We are not going to be intimidated” he continued.

He continued:

“It is time and we will not let ourselves be intimidated anymore. We had the hope that after the regime we fought, we thought we had found another regime to our liking, one that takes care of the people. Too bad, we have fallen down. Today, we remember Kabila, who had 18 years, and those who are in power have not yet reached those years of Joseph Kabila, not even 5 years, and they make us suffer. We are going to help them until they are removed from power.

Mr. Muyambo also specified, during this development in front of the press that the question of congolity raised aims at well-known personalities.

“Today, the question of congolity is raised. We quote Kengo wa Ndondo, Olivier Kamitatu, Moïse Katumbi, Jean Claude Muyambo. I, Jean Claude Muyambo, cannot tolerate this. They are evoking archaic data between blacks, mestizos and whites. An American, a Belgian, a Frenchman without any investment in the country cannot claim to be as Congolese as we are”, he adds.

Taking his personal case, the declared candidate to the next presidential elections in DRC wonders about the question of father and mother.

My father was the son of a white man and I am the son of my father. In what way am I white and not Congolese?


The National Assembly adopted, with amendments, the last calendar of the ordinary session of March 2023. This calendar includes the very controversial bill on the Congoleseness of Noel Tshani carried by MP Nsingi Pululu.

The latter was not included in the draft calendar. At the time of the debate, the bearer of this text reminded the president of the lower house of parliament of the omission of his bill in the draft calendar.

Christophe Mboso had asked Nsingi Pululu to present the acknowledgement of receipt to the rapporteur’s office and the proposal was to be included in the schedule of matters for this session. The proposal limits access to certain positions to people who do not have two Congolese parents of origin.

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