DRC: Three police officers killed in clashes with Mobondo militia in Kwango

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At least three police officers died last Saturday in the village of Dimpidi (PopoKabaka territory) in Kwango, during clashes with Mobondo militiamen. According to the authorities, these law enforcement officers were rescuing the local population who had been terrorised by the assailants.

“Of the 9 police officers who went to rescue this village, where animals are being killed and people’s property snatched away, three were tricked. One died on the spot, the second died from fairly serious injuries, and the third was abducted and then killed. Three deaths have been reported”, says Adelard Nkisi, spokesman for the Kwango provincial government.

A massive displacement of the population has been reported, according to the same source.

“Measures are being taken at provincial level. The population is in disarray. The humanitarian situation is a bit worrying”, he added.

In early May, a dozen people were killed, including soldiers, in clashes between members of the security forces and Mobondo militiamen in the village of Batshongo. A week later, at least five civilians were killed in the village of Tadita by the same assailants.

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